Rechargeable Motion Sensor Cabinet Light

Rechargeable Motion Sensor Cabinet Light


①Light Color Switch: Soft Light + Daylight

②3 Working Modes: Auto Mode(motion sensor) — On Mode(always on) — Off Mode

③Dimmable: Yes ④ Timmer: 1/5/15/30 minutes

⑤Charging Time: 3-4 hours (Red Indicator: charging; Green Indicator: fully charged)

⑥ Working Time: approx. 4 hours ( 160 lm always on mode ) or up to 10-12 hours in other brightness

Certification: UL, FCC, CEC, DOE…

Customized Service: OEM is available, Free Logo Service is available

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Item No. Light Color 3 Working Modes:




Max Lumen


Charging Time Working Time Battery


Induction Distance




Soft Light + Daylight



- On-Off


1/5/15/30 minutes


160lm approx.4 hours (Red Indicator: charging; Green lndicator: fully charged)


approx.4 hours to 10~12 hrs.


1000mAh Li-Polymer battery