Motion Sensor Led Strip

Motion Sensor Led Strip

①PIR Motion Sensor
② “sun”and “moon” mode
If you adjust to “sun”mode,it will work for 24 hours the whole day.
If you adjust to “moon”mode,it will work only at night.
③Time-delay function:15 seconds-5 minutes
④Waterproof IP65.
Customized Service: OEM is available, Free Logo Service is available

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Item No Size (mm) Power Color Input Voltage Light Sensor Color Temperature
CP-2835S1-1M 1M  3W White  AC 5V/DC3.7V  Yes 3000K/6000K
CP-2835S1-2M 2M 3W White  AC 5V/DC3.7V Yes 3000K/6000K
CP-2835S1-3M 3M 3W White  AC 5V/DC3.7V Yes 3000K/6000K

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