Dimmable LED grow light

Dimmable LED grow light


①1-10V Dimmable. Easy dimming, makes it much simpler for all the stages of plant growth.

②Energy saving. More effective coverage area than any reflector series lights.

③Saving space. Power cord we provide not only can be used for the wall socket but the connector. Multiple lights together to keep the grow space organized and avoid the need for excessive wiring.

④Modern style. The environment temperature and humidity of the greenhouse or grow tent can be monitored by the controller, Auto shutdown at Temp.


Customized Service: OEM is available, Free Logo Service is available

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1. Design or customize the functions and parameters of the product
2. Design or customize the color, size or appearance of lamps
3. Design or customize product packaging or labels
4. Customize lighting accessories and materials according to customer needs
5. Provide personalized lighting solutions and suggestions based on the place of use or competing products

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Item No. Dimmable power


Input voltage Chip Lumin


PPF PPFD Waterproof



CP-L GL-100-02


1-10v 100W AC100-277V


3030 2.7 umol/J


300±5% umol/s


889umol/m2/s @30cm


CP-L GL-200-02


1-10v 200W AC100-277V


3030 2.7 umol/J


600±5% umol/s


1033umol/m2/s @30cm


CP-L GL-400-02


1-10v 400W AC100-277V


3030 2.7 umol/J


12400±5% umol/s


1953umol/m2/s @30cm


CP-L GL-600-02


1-10v 600W AC100-277V


3030 2.7 umol/J


1800±5% umol/s


2800umol/m2/s @30cm