COB LED Headlamp


1. Easy to Carry: The headlamp can be arbitrarily curled up to be smaller than the palm of your hand, and you can put it in your clothes pocket and bag when you go out.

2. Thermal Insulating Layer: The inside surface of headlamp is with thermal insulating layer, so your forehead will not feel hot when using it.

3. Wave Sensor Switch: Turn on the sensor switch, then you can adjust the light by waving your hand.

Certification: CE ROHS FCC

Customized Service: OEM is available, Free Logo Service

Application: Any Outdoor activity

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1. Design or customize the functions and parameters of the product
2. Design or customize the color, size or appearance of lamps
3. Design or customize product packaging or labels
4. Customize lighting accessories and materials according to customer needs
5. Provide personalized lighting solutions and suggestions based on the place of use or competing products

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Item No. Battery Capacity








Light Color


Size Luminous modes




CP-HL03 1200mAH 400LM IPX4 6500K 3.62 inch x1.57 inch


5 modes


Wave Sensor Switch